It’s Been a Long Time!

Our family is so amazing!  We are doing great, Caidyn has gotten so big, and we love every minute of it!  The pictures in the picture card below (created for Father’s Day on were taken at about two months.  Hope to post more soon!  Enjoy!


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Not So Natural

Yesterday, Brandon and I both had the stomach bug that has been going around.  It has been a little more rampant than usual since 13 of Saturday’s baby shower guests came down with it!  Sorry guys!  Luckily for Brandon and I, it was only a 12 rather than 24 hour bug.  I started it and there was about a four hour overlap where we both had it.  I called Dr. Sheffield’s office and she called in some Phenergan suppositories for me but said that if it did not get better I was to come in for fluids.  Luckily it was soon better and we avoided an extra trip to Franklin.  Since Brandon’s bug lasted through the night, he did not work and was able to ride with me to our appointment today.

Our 36 week appointment started like all the others: pee in a cup, get weighed, check my BP, baby’s heartbeat, and fundal height.  After that was finished, we were moved into the ultrasound room to see Dr. Sheffield and to check Caidyn’s position.  I had a feeling that at the very least she was transverse but we found out that she is still breech.  Most of you know that I had planned on a completely natural birth with no medications.  The fact that we would have to have a C-section if she was still breech had never even crossed my mind.  As soon as the ultrasound probe hit my stomach, it was apparent that she is breech.  Dr. Sheffield immediately told us that we should plan to schedule our C-section on our next visit and that we could choose a date between April 4th and 11th.  I started to tear up and Brandon started to rub my leg as he could see I was upset.  It took a lot not to burst into tears in the middle of the office.  Dr. Sheffield estimated Caidyn’s size at about 4 lbs. 12 oz. which is small for her gestation but Sheffield did not seem concerned.

We will have our next appointment on Monday and will have our C-section date then.  A lot of people have said that she could turn by the pre-op appointment, which is a week before the C-section, but we are not hopeful.  She is in the exact same position that she has been since our 17 week ultrasound: folded in half with her left arm across her face.  So it looks like we will be picking her birth day and Caidyn’s arrival will be of the not so natural kind.

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Baby Shower #2

Today we had our second shower at Brandon’s Aunt’s house.  The guests mainly consisted of his side of the family but there were also a few friends and Ping Pong.  There were a ton of people and even better, there was a ton of food haha.  Just like our first shower, we got way too many gifts to list.  We have been so lucky!  We played a lot of fun games and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.  Jodi promised me she was not going to make me eat yellow jello and a candy bar out of a baby potty like she did with Brandon’s cousin which was good because I was less than thrilled with the idea.  Well, SHE didn’t make me do it, Brandon’s nephew Ethan did!  We both decided to be good sports and eat it but ugh, I was not excited.  I also wasn’t super thrilled about the pink baseball, mitt, and bat haha.  Jodi insists that Caidyn will be playing ball and I am not convinced but I guess we will all see in time!  The shower was great overall and now we get to sort through another ton of baby things and reorganize the nursery again!

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The First of Our Weekly Appointments

I am 35 weeks and 2 days today!  Brandon was able to meet me for this appointment which was good!  This appointment was pretty uneventful, which seems to be the trend these days.  I have gained 6.7 pounds!  Holy moly!  My blood pressure, fundal height, and baby’s pulse were all great.  Dr. Sheffield came in and had to do my group strep B swab.  It is a vaginal swab and if it is positive, I will have to get antibiotics during labor to prevent passing it to Caidyn as she moves through the birthing canal.  After that I was able to ask my questions.  I told her I want to have a natural delivery so I am concerned about her position.  She seemed hesitant but said we would do an ultrasound at our appointment next week to check.  I am hoping to be able to get some measurements then as well to see how big she is!  I also asked how far she would let me go past my due date before inducing and she said 1-2 weeks.  Most of you know I have been freaking out about how little paid time I am going to be able to take for maternity leave.  I wanted to make sure that she would let me go back as soon as my paid time was up and she said it would not be an issue, barring any complications of course.  We are so excited to get to go back in a week and to get to see our little princess again!  I am hoping that she will check to see if I have dilated any next appointment or the week after.  We’re getting close guys!!!!

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Feeling Extra Pregnant These Days

End-of-pregnancy symptoms seem to be in full effect here lately.  I have had minor swelling in my hands and feet almost every day.  Nothing major but enough to where I notice it.  I can still get my engagement ring on and off though!  The pregnancy carpel tunnel is the most obnoxious thing I’ve dealt with outside of throwing up.  I also have a cold and those are no fun even when you’re not pregnant.  I’ve been getting tired easier and more often too.  When I am sitting up, I can’t always sit straight because it seems Caidyn runs out of room between my pelvis and ribs.  Perhaps a downfall of being short?  Ping Pong and Mom Mom seem to think I have dropped some but I am not convinced even though one of the girls at work thinks so too.  I am getting to the “Oh my God!  You look like you’re going to pop!  When are you due?  Oh, you’ll never make it that long!” phase.  I never thought it would bother me but my goodness it gets annoying.  Then there’s always the person who likes to throw the occasional “That’s going to be a BIG baby!” on top of it all.  Goodness I sure hope she’s not big!  Our next appointment is in less than a week and I can’t wait because for once, I actually have questions for Dr. Sheffield.  We will see how it goes and I will keep you posted!

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Yet Another Appointment!

Today I had our 32 week appointment.  Brandon wasn’t able to make it to this appointment unfortunately.  This was another routine appointment so there wasn’t anything exciting to be done.  I did gain some weight which finally put me positive 1.5 pounds for the pregnancy!  I had to see Dr. Young again because Dr. Sheffield was stuck at the hospital.  I had to wait for quite a while after the nurse checked my fundal height and the heartbeat (all good!).  They left me sitting up on the table with my legs dangling- bad plan.  After a while I could feel my feet starting to swell and had to adjust the table so that I could sit indian style and avoid swelling.  Dr. Young asked if I was having any problems and I told him I hadn’t.  He said we could either schedule the next appointment in three weeks, then another two, and then weekly or we could wait four weeks and then I would come in weekly.  I decided to be seen in four weeks and then weekly.  Hopefully the next appointment will be more eventful since I will be 36 weeks!

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Our First Baby Shower!

Today we had our first baby shower.  Mallory and her mom hosted it for us and it was great!  Brandon didn’t come because no boys were allowed hehe.  Almost everyone I was looking forward to seeing was able to attend.  We got a ton of great gifts too!  Now I have so many thank you cards to write haha.  I wish I could list all of the gifts but I would be here a long time and it would bore you all to death!  Thanks to everyone who came and to those who couldn’t make it but still sent gifts!  Love you guys!

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Trip to the ER

Last night on my way to work I was feeling slightly nauseous and had a small headache.  I wasn’t concerned until I started to feel weak and physically tired, almost like I had been lifting weights for three days.  I called Dr. Sheffield who said it may be one of the nasty bugs going around but that if it got any worse to go to the ER.  We have started doing report at the bedside now so as soon as I got to work, I started report.  By patient three of seven, I had to leave the room to go throw up.  The entire time I was feeling weak and like I might not make it through report.  By the seventh patient, I was sweating and felt like I was going to pass out.  Report was finished so I sat down and had my vitals checked.  My blood pressure was good but my pulse was 127.  So, after finding someone to take over my patients, I headed down to the ER.  I was very lucky and the wait was not long to be put in a room.  The wait for the doctor was not quite so quick but I didn’t mind it.  Once I finally saw him, we decided that blood work, a urinalysis, and IV fluids would be the plan.  I got my first real IV, outside of letting nursing students practice on me haha, which was a little weird.  I got a 500cc bolus of normal saline and it was soooo cold!  The doctor came back to tell me my lab results.  He said “You haven’t been eating have you?”  I let him know that was definitely not the case and asked why he asked that.  My sodium and creatinine were low and there were also ketones in my urine which is a sign of extreme dieting or starvation.  I am most definitely not dieting or starving myself so I am not sure the cause of that.  It turns out that the root of my problems was a UTI.  All that for a dag on UTI!  They started me on Bactrim and I will see Dr. Sheffield again in about two weeks.

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Braxton Hicks

For the last two days I have had my first taste of Braxton Hicks contractions.  They must be stress induced since I seem to only have them at work haha.  Dr. Sheffield said not to worry unless I am having four or more an hour.  It’s a strange feeling though.  It feels almost like I am trying to suck my gut in.  Hopefully I won’t have any more!

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3D Ultrasound and Glucose Tolerance Test

Today we had our 28 week appointment.  An hour before the appointment, I was to pick one of six menu choices to eat.   All of the choices were high in sugar and carbs.  I decided to go with the Hostess cherry pie and can of Mountain Dew.  Brandon got off work early in order to accompany me to the appointment and we then went on a search for the pie and soda.  After stopping at two gas stations we finally found what we needed.  We sat in the parking lot while I ate the pie and drank the soda.  Apparently I did this too fast because I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep it all down.  When we got to the office, they took us back right away.  I did my usual urine specimen and then they weighed me.  I was up 4.2 lbs from last visit, making the total for the pregnancy -2.8 lbs.  We then were taken into a room where they checked my blood pressure, listened to the heartbeat, and measured my fundal height (all of which were normal for week 28).  They pricked my finger to check my blood sugar and we waited to see the doctor.  We had to see Dr. Young because Sheffield was not available and let’s just say I’m glad I picked Sheffield as my OB.  My blood sugar was fine so we were able to rule out gestational diabetes!  Next we waited for our 3D ultrasound.  We were taken into the ultrasound room and the tech started off with the normal 2D images.  She measured Caidyn who is at 2 lbs 10 oz and said that she is still breech.  When she went to the 3D images, Caidyn was not cooperating at all.  She had her head turned and her arm up over her face.  The tech tried for a long time to get her to move and jiggled my tummy around quite a bit but Caidyn wanted nothing to do with it.  We weren’t even able to confirm her gender since she was laying with her legs curled up beneath her.  The tech did say that it looked like she has lots of hair but we left disappointed with only three pictures of not very good quality.  At least we know she is healthy!  Our next appointment will be in four weeks.

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