3D Ultrasound and Glucose Tolerance Test

January 15, 2010 kaseyalexandra

Today we had our 28 week appointment.  An hour before the appointment, I was to pick one of six menu choices to eat.   All of the choices were high in sugar and carbs.  I decided to go with the Hostess cherry pie and can of Mountain Dew.  Brandon got off work early in order to accompany me to the appointment and we then went on a search for the pie and soda.  After stopping at two gas stations we finally found what we needed.  We sat in the parking lot while I ate the pie and drank the soda.  Apparently I did this too fast because I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep it all down.  When we got to the office, they took us back right away.  I did my usual urine specimen and then they weighed me.  I was up 4.2 lbs from last visit, making the total for the pregnancy -2.8 lbs.  We then were taken into a room where they checked my blood pressure, listened to the heartbeat, and measured my fundal height (all of which were normal for week 28).  They pricked my finger to check my blood sugar and we waited to see the doctor.  We had to see Dr. Young because Sheffield was not available and let’s just say I’m glad I picked Sheffield as my OB.  My blood sugar was fine so we were able to rule out gestational diabetes!  Next we waited for our 3D ultrasound.  We were taken into the ultrasound room and the tech started off with the normal 2D images.  She measured Caidyn who is at 2 lbs 10 oz and said that she is still breech.  When she went to the 3D images, Caidyn was not cooperating at all.  She had her head turned and her arm up over her face.  The tech tried for a long time to get her to move and jiggled my tummy around quite a bit but Caidyn wanted nothing to do with it.  We weren’t even able to confirm her gender since she was laying with her legs curled up beneath her.  The tech did say that it looked like she has lots of hair but we left disappointed with only three pictures of not very good quality.  At least we know she is healthy!  Our next appointment will be in four weeks.


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