Trip to the ER

January 27, 2010 kaseyalexandra

Last night on my way to work I was feeling slightly nauseous and had a small headache.  I wasn’t concerned until I started to feel weak and physically tired, almost like I had been lifting weights for three days.  I called Dr. Sheffield who said it may be one of the nasty bugs going around but that if it got any worse to go to the ER.  We have started doing report at the bedside now so as soon as I got to work, I started report.  By patient three of seven, I had to leave the room to go throw up.  The entire time I was feeling weak and like I might not make it through report.  By the seventh patient, I was sweating and felt like I was going to pass out.  Report was finished so I sat down and had my vitals checked.  My blood pressure was good but my pulse was 127.  So, after finding someone to take over my patients, I headed down to the ER.  I was very lucky and the wait was not long to be put in a room.  The wait for the doctor was not quite so quick but I didn’t mind it.  Once I finally saw him, we decided that blood work, a urinalysis, and IV fluids would be the plan.  I got my first real IV, outside of letting nursing students practice on me haha, which was a little weird.  I got a 500cc bolus of normal saline and it was soooo cold!  The doctor came back to tell me my lab results.  He said “You haven’t been eating have you?”  I let him know that was definitely not the case and asked why he asked that.  My sodium and creatinine were low and there were also ketones in my urine which is a sign of extreme dieting or starvation.  I am most definitely not dieting or starving myself so I am not sure the cause of that.  It turns out that the root of my problems was a UTI.  All that for a dag on UTI!  They started me on Bactrim and I will see Dr. Sheffield again in about two weeks.


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