Feeling Extra Pregnant These Days

March 4, 2010 kaseyalexandra

End-of-pregnancy symptoms seem to be in full effect here lately.  I have had minor swelling in my hands and feet almost every day.  Nothing major but enough to where I notice it.  I can still get my engagement ring on and off though!  The pregnancy carpel tunnel is the most obnoxious thing I’ve dealt with outside of throwing up.  I also have a cold and those are no fun even when you’re not pregnant.  I’ve been getting tired easier and more often too.  When I am sitting up, I can’t always sit straight because it seems Caidyn runs out of room between my pelvis and ribs.  Perhaps a downfall of being short?  Ping Pong and Mom Mom seem to think I have dropped some but I am not convinced even though one of the girls at work thinks so too.  I am getting to the “Oh my God!  You look like you’re going to pop!  When are you due?  Oh, you’ll never make it that long!” phase.  I never thought it would bother me but my goodness it gets annoying.  Then there’s always the person who likes to throw the occasional “That’s going to be a BIG baby!” on top of it all.  Goodness I sure hope she’s not big!  Our next appointment is in less than a week and I can’t wait because for once, I actually have questions for Dr. Sheffield.  We will see how it goes and I will keep you posted!


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