Not So Natural

March 16, 2010 kaseyalexandra

Yesterday, Brandon and I both had the stomach bug that has been going around.  It has been a little more rampant than usual since 13 of Saturday’s baby shower guests came down with it!  Sorry guys!  Luckily for Brandon and I, it was only a 12 rather than 24 hour bug.  I started it and there was about a four hour overlap where we both had it.  I called Dr. Sheffield’s office and she called in some Phenergan suppositories for me but said that if it did not get better I was to come in for fluids.  Luckily it was soon better and we avoided an extra trip to Franklin.  Since Brandon’s bug lasted through the night, he did not work and was able to ride with me to our appointment today.

Our 36 week appointment started like all the others: pee in a cup, get weighed, check my BP, baby’s heartbeat, and fundal height.  After that was finished, we were moved into the ultrasound room to see Dr. Sheffield and to check Caidyn’s position.  I had a feeling that at the very least she was transverse but we found out that she is still breech.  Most of you know that I had planned on a completely natural birth with no medications.  The fact that we would have to have a C-section if she was still breech had never even crossed my mind.  As soon as the ultrasound probe hit my stomach, it was apparent that she is breech.  Dr. Sheffield immediately told us that we should plan to schedule our C-section on our next visit and that we could choose a date between April 4th and 11th.  I started to tear up and Brandon started to rub my leg as he could see I was upset.  It took a lot not to burst into tears in the middle of the office.  Dr. Sheffield estimated Caidyn’s size at about 4 lbs. 12 oz. which is small for her gestation but Sheffield did not seem concerned.

We will have our next appointment on Monday and will have our C-section date then.  A lot of people have said that she could turn by the pre-op appointment, which is a week before the C-section, but we are not hopeful.  She is in the exact same position that she has been since our 17 week ultrasound: folded in half with her left arm across her face.  So it looks like we will be picking her birth day and Caidyn’s arrival will be of the not so natural kind.


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