Time For a Picture of Me!

Here I am at 26 weeks.  It is not a good picture of me and maybe I should have thought about applying some makeup before getting Brandon to take it but that’s ok!


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Weight Gain/Loss by Appointment

I’ve started keeping track of my weight at each appointment and thought it would be a good idea to keep it updated in the blog.  I won’t be giving out any numbers here haha, just pounds gained and lost.  I will update this post after each appointment.

9/3/09- Baseline

9/28/09- Lost 4.9 pounds

10/26/09- Lost 3.6 pounds

11/19/09- Gained 3.2 pounds

12/17/09- Lost 1.7 pounds

1/15/10- Gained 4.2 pounds

2/11/10- Gained 4.3 pounds and finally in the positive!

3/9/10- Gained 6.7 pounds eek!

3/16/10- Lost 1.9 pounds thanks to the stomach bug!

3/22/10- Gained 3.7 pounds

3/29/10- Lost .2 pounds

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24 Week Appointment

Brandon and I went to our 24 week appointment today.  Overall, it was pretty uneventful.  I was worried about how much weight I had gained since the last appointment and had convinced myself they would say I had gained some ridiculous amount.  That was not the case at all since I had in fact lost 1.7 pounds.  I promise I’m eating!  Everything else looked great: baby’s heartbeat, my blood pressure, and my urine.  Caidyn is dancing around in there all the time it seems like and Dr. Sheffield said that was very good.  Our next appointment should be pretty exciting!  I will have to eat a meal full of sugar and have my blood sugar tested about an hour later to check for gestational diabetes so keep your fingers crossed.  We also get to have our 3D ultrasound which we are so excited about!  Oh and the other night, I was able to see Miss Caidyn kicking from the outside!  She’s beating me up already!  Until next time…

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We’re Engaged!!!!!!

Last night Brandon and I decided to have a date night.  Our 3.5 year anniversary is on the 7th so I decided to make it an unofficial anniversary outing.  We went to Cracker Barrel in Hampton since we used to go there a ton in Richmond and hadn’t been since the move.  We both ordered our usual, chicken fried chicken yum!, and enjoyed a nice meal.  From there we decided to go to the City Center in Newport News before heading to BabiesRUs to finish the registry.  When we first got back together, the City Center was our spot.  That summer we were always there walking around the fountains, eating ice cream, and sometimes taking our dinner there.  It was always something a little special for us to do and spend some time together talking and enjoying our surroundings.  When we got to the fountains, you could not walk right by it where we usually do since it was blocked off for the holiday celebration with fireworks and the tree lighting the next night.  We were still able to walk around the fountain, just not as close.  We walked all around the shops and around the fountain.  Brandon kept wanting to walk and I kept thinking about how much my hips would be hurting if we walked much longer lol (thanks Caidyn!).  We finally stopped and were facing the fountain with Brandon behind me, holding me with one arm.  He started being cute saying things like “Do you love me?  Forever and ever?” and of course my answer was always yes.  Next thing I know, he says “Well then will you marry me?” and puts this gorgeous ring in my face.  Of course I freaked out a little, cried, jumped, and turned around and said YES!  I always wear my pink sapphire ring he had given me in high school on my left ring finger so I told him he had to take the old one off.  He did and could have thrown it on the ground and I would never have known lol.  I put the new ring on and we walked over to a more well lit spot after lots of hugs and kisses.  I was able to see the ring better there and knew it was beautiful.  I made Brandon drive to BabiesRUs so that I could start making phone calls and it wasn’t until I was in the store that I could see the ring in true light.  It is perfect and the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen!  We couldn’t be happier and it feels so good to be taking this next step in our relationship!

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Little Miss Caidyn Alexandra

Is moving, grooving, and kicking all over the place!  Her movements are progressively getting stronger and Brandon was even able to feel her last night!  How exciting!  It’s also fun for us to feel around my belly and see where she is sitting.  When Brandon had his hand on my belly last night he said “Oh!  She moved!”  Sure enough she had shifted to another spot in my belly and what was previously firm was now just fat haha.  This has been my favorite part of pregnancy so far!

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It’s a GIRL!!!!!

We had our 20 week appointment today and it was the best one so far!  First, we saw the ultrasound tech.  She started out by measuring different body parts of the baby like the heart, brain, and abdomen and then we got to take a look at the baby.  It was folded up just like last time which had me worried we wouldn’t be able to see the gender.  We got to see the face, which resembled an alien haha.  Then she moved on to the gender determination and it’s a girl!!!!!!  I was so excited I yelled yay! and started clapping like a two year old haha.  It even brought a little tear to my eye.  I looked at Brandon and he had the biggest smile!  After the ultrasound, I didn’t care much about my actual appointment and was ready to go home and start telling everyone.  We had to wait forever for Dr. Sheffield because she was over at the hospital delivering a baby.  I tried to get the nurses to let me go since I already knew the results of my lab work were fine thanks to working with the girls in the lab but they said I would have to reschedule if we had to leave so we decided to stick it out.  A little while later Dr. Sheffield was finally able to see us.  She let me know I had gained three pounds since the last visit which was good and since I was congested she wrote me a prescription for Flonase.  That was the end of our appointment and we practically ran out the door to start telling people we are having a girl!

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Better Luck Next Time!

10-26(17weeks)2We had our 17 week appointment today.  We were hoping to find out the sex but the baby would not cooperate!  When we went in they did the usual: pee in a cup, take my weight, and check the heartbeat with the doppler.  We weren’t too excited about hearing the heartbeat since we recently purchased our own and have been listening at home almost daily.  After waiting for a few minutes, Dr. Sheffield came in to see us.  It turns out I have lost almost ten pounds since our first visit so she wants me to gain more weight.  I even got the okay to eat a ton of milkshakes which I thought was pretty crazy haha.  I did ask her about the H1N1 vaccine since I can get the regular one through work for free.  She said they would eventually be getting the mercury free version at the office but that she didn’t feel like it was a big enough difference so I was given permission to get the regular vaccine through work.  We asked her if she would be willing to do an ultrasound, even though we weren’t supposed to get another one until next visit, in hopes to see the sex.  She agreed!  After waiting for the ultrasound room to open up we finally were ready…almost.  She turned the machine on and then it cut right back off!  Luckily it worked the second time.  Dr. Sheffield let us watch the baby for about 5-10 minutes and it was amazing!  At first the baby was being a little acrobat like in the picture I attached here.  It’s knees were almost to it’s nose!  It stayed like that for a bit and then gave a few swift kicks to my uterus (not able to feel those yet) and then slid up further and let it’s legs plop down.  We were really hoping that the position change would let us see the sex but then it crossed it’s legs!  One of the neatest things we got to see during the ultrasound was the baby chewing!  Who knows what it was chewing on in there haha.  Our next appointment is November 19th so keep your fingers crossed!

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Nursery Furniture!


Ok so we have narrowed the furniture down to these two collections.  I think we are leaning towards the first one but haven’t decided just yet!  We like the first one more because it has an armoire and because the changing table has drawers in it.  They don’t show the changing table for the second one but it is your standard open changing table with two shelves and if anyone knows me I am messy and would like to be able to hide that haha.  Which do you like best?!

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I thought you all might be interested in the names we have thought of so far.  Our girl name has been pretty much set in stone for over a year haha!  Caidyn Alexandra!  Now our boy name may or may not change.  We have had a hard time coming up with something we both like and I’m not sure Brandon is in love with this one since he apparently knows a few boys by this name so I might have to update you all.  Austin Cole!  I’d love to hear what you guys think about them!

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Three Appointments Down, Lots to Go!

We had our third appointment today!  Brandon was able to come to this one thank goodness!  After the routine urine sample and weighing, which is already getting old at this point, the nurse took us back to ask if we had any concerns.  I explained my vomiting issue, she checked my blood pressure (90/50 which is apparently normal during pregnancy), and then she went to get the doppler!  After a few minutes of searching, she was able to find the heartbeat!  It was, for some odd reason, more exciting than the previous ultrasounds.  The heartbeat was good and strong and almost brought a tear to both mine and Brandon’s eyes.  We were then moved to a room to see Dr. Sheffield.  I spoke with Dr. Sheffield about how often I had been getting sick and she decided to write a script for Zofran to help.  She also reassured us that my low BP was in fact normal.  She wasn’t concerned with the fact that I had lost five pounds since the last visit.  Many women lose weight during the first trimester especially if they are getting sick a lot.  The nurse charted the baby’s HR at 170 which Dr. Sheffield seemed a little concerned with since that was slightly high.  She decided to check it again herself and got 160 which is in the normal range.  You know the old wive’s tale…the higher the HR the better the chance of it being a girl………..!

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